Bomanite Revealed and Alloy Finishes Create Stunning Slip Resistant and Highly Decorative Pool Decking

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Aerial long view of residence where Bomanite Licensee Bomanite of Tulsa installed over 2,500 SF of Bomanite Revealed and Bomanite Alloy to create decorative concrete pool decking for homeowners.

This beautiful backyard retreat was created to serve as an outdoor extension to an already stunning home, with contemporary design and distinct detail that enhance the home’s architecture.  Bomanite Licensee Bomanite of Tulsa, Inc. was enlisted by the design team at Planning Design Group to create the pool decking and provide a surface that would visually and functionally complement the pool while also enhancing the home’s exterior and landscaping.   

Durable Hardscape Decking with Versatility for Distinct Design

Pool level view where residential hardscape features stylish and contemporary design for durable, decorative concrete pool decking that was installed by Bomanite Licensee, Bomanite of Tulsa.

Bomanite decorative concrete is the optimal choice to create swimming pool decking because it provides high durability and versatility for customizing color, pattern, and design style.  The homeowners were originally planning on color and rocksalt but after a visit to the Bomanite of Tulsa showroom they changed their material selection to include Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems with Bomanite Revealed and accents of Bomanite Alloy

Side patio view where Bomanite Revealed with bands of Bomanite Alloy were installed by Bomanite of Tulsa to provide slip resistant and highly decorative pool decking.

Bomanite Revealed combines the durability of concrete with color and pronounced decorative aggregate and utilizes pre-blended binders, light fast pigments, topical treatments, and advanced application procedures to produce a finished product that showcases the seeded aggregate.  Unlike most surface seeded installations, Bomanite Revealed provides 100% exposure of the decorative aggregate with no native sands detracting from the finished appearance. 

Bomanite Alloy is a unique alternative to other decorative concrete finishes and provides an architectural exposed finish with varying exposure depths using non-native quartz and decorative aggregates that are surface seeded on the concrete.

Aerial overhead view of Bomanite of Tulsa installed Bomanite Revealed and Bomanite Alloy to create contemporary concrete pool deck design that complements the home’s architecture.

Bomanite Revealed and Bomanite Alloy both provide an architectural finish that is highly suited for exterior applications, including pool decks or anywhere that improved wear resistance for light to moderate-duty vehicular or foot traffic is required.  Additionally, these highly durable surfaces are available in a multitude of standard and custom options, including light-reflective formulations that reduce heat island effect, water resistant formulations for wet areas, and other specialty applications that can be personalized to your project.

Installation and Award-Winning Results

Close up view of Bomanite Revealed and Bomanite Alloy were installed here to create beautiful finishes that provide durability, slip resistance, and add distinct design detail.

After the finishes were selected, Bomanite of Tulsa set to work with the installation.  The pool coping was poured first, followed by the field of Revealed.  Alloy was then used to fill in the bands and the combination of Revealed and Alloy was perfect to provide increased surface and slip resistance.  The exposed decking reduces heat island effect, making the pool deck walkable and not hot to the touch.  The drains were incorporated into the exposed aggregate concrete and feature a concealed slot drain design that was chosen to eliminate the sight of drain grates while providing efficient drainage.

From start to finish this project ran smoothly and resulted in a contemporary decorative concrete pool area that broadens the home’s living space, providing an outdoor retreat for the homeowners and their guests to enjoy.  The installation of Bomanite Revealed and Bomanite Alloy earned Bomanite of Tulsa the 2020 Best Bomanite Exposed Aggregate Systems Project Honorable Mention Award for their outstanding efforts in creating a durable and distinct hardscape while adding ambiance and enhancing the homeowner’s sophisticated style.


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