Direct Supply Milwaukee Features Bomanite Imprint Systems Decorative Concrete Pathways

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Bomanite of Wisconsin uses Bomanite Imprint Systems to create 6,000 SF of paved concrete pathways leading up to various buildings and surrounding the featured fountains in the center of Direct Supply headquarters in Milwaukee, WI.

Direct Supply, a provider of solutions for senior living and healthcare, opened their doors in 1985 with the mission to improve the lives of America’s seniors.  They are committed to enhancing the lives of seniors and those who care for them by helping senior living and healthcare providers to create amazing environments and improve care and outcomes for the seniors they serve.

Hand-Stained Used Brick Pattern

Direct Supply located in Milwaukee, WI, renovates exterior hardscape with Bomanite Imprint Systems using Bomanite Running Bond Used Brick that was installed by Bomanite of Wisconsin.

Bomanite Licensee Bomanite of Wisconsin worked with Direct Supply at their headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to create 6,000 SF of colored and stamped concrete pathways across the campus.  This distinct decorative concrete paving was created using Bomanite Imprint Systems and imprinted with the Bomacron Running Bond Used Brick pattern.  With over 8,000 hand-stained used bricks that make up the concrete pathways, this unique element is a beautiful complement to the immaculate landscaping and perfectly frames the feature fountains in the center of the grounds.

Built For Durability

Bomanite of Wisconsin installs Award Winning Decorative Concrete with Bomanite Bomacron Running Bond Used Brick pattern, creating over 8,000 hand-stained used bricks for decorative concrete pathways at Direct Supply Milwaukee.

Decorative concrete paving manufactured and installed by Bomanite is the standard for commercial and retail facilities due to its versatility in design and long-term durability.  Bomanite Imprint Systems will stand up to the toughest traffic loads and environmental conditions while adding an appealing touch of distinction to any project.

Award Winning Decorative Concrete

Direct Supply campus features Bomanite Imprint Systems colored and stamped concrete pathways that were installed by Bomanite of Wisconsin.

The skillful installation of Bomanite Imprint Systems earned Bomanite of Wisconsin the 2020 Bronze Award for Best Bomanite Imprint Systems Project and provided Direct Supply with an easy to maintain, weather resistant, and environmentally friendly concrete paving option with stunning design detail and unique architectural features.


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